Abbreviation of Object Type Definitions

To allow a shorthand on Java types the is introduced to the API. Executed as standalone application it lists all known type abbreviations to System.out.
More on configuration. Here is the list as defined in DDTUnit version 0.6.6:

Type Abbreviator Dictionary
Type ShortcutLong Expression
byte, Bytejava.lang.Byte
boolean, Booleanjava.lang.Boolean
char, Characterjava.lang.Character
string, Stringjava.lang.String
short, Shortjava.lang.Short
int, Integerjava.lang.Integer
long, Longjava.lang.Long
bigint, BigIntegerjava.math.BigInteger
float, Floatjava.lang.Float
double, Doublejava.lang.Double
bigdecimal, BigDecimaljava.math.BigDecimal
arraylist, ArrayListjava.util.ArrayList
vector, Vectorjava.util.Vector
hashmap, HashMapjava.util.HashMap
hashtable, Hashtablejava.util.Hashtable
date, Datejava.util.Date
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