Apache Maven Build Support

Experimental switch to GMaven version 1.3 for support of GroovyTestCase as base class of DDTTestCase.

Maven 2 (tested with Maven-2.2.1 under OSX Snow Leopard) is now the standard build system.
It is used to generate and deploy the project including documentation and statistics via mvn site-deploy.
To run all plugins more or less correctly I have to setup the environment variables

export LC_ALL=en_US
export LANG=en

DISCONTINUED The latest extension is the support of Java 1.4 runtime through Retrotranslator on Sourceforge.
To create a Java 1.4 compatible DDTUnit archive you have to use the Maven profile jdk14.
Before starting you have to set the environment to use Java 1.4
Here is an example for OS/X Leopard:

$> cd ddtunit
$> mvn clean install -Pjdk14 -Djava14.jar=$JAVA14_HOME/../Classes/classes.jar

The most useful calls to Maven are:

  • mvn -Dmaven.test.failure.ignore=true -Dtest=ProcessStringTypeTest test
  • mvn test
  • mvn install
  • mvn deploy
  • mvn site-deploy
  • DISCONTINUED mvn clean install -Pjdk14 -Djava14.jar=$JAVA14_HOME/../Classes/classes.jar
  • DISCONTINUED mvn clean deploy -Pjdk14 -Djava14.jar=$JAVA14_HOME/../Classes/classes.jar

For providing SNAPSHOT and the the latest production version of DDTUnit I have introduced my own MVN repository. it can be found under


To include DDTUnit archive into your Maven2 enabled project add this repo to your search path and put the following dependencies detail into your pom.xml:

and provide a reference to the Maven repository in your profile:
          <id>DDTUnit Repo</id>

As a reminder for the dfevelopers here are the hints to generate the site and deploy it to Sourceforge.

  • Create a shell on shell.sourceforge.net with your username and project group
    ssh -t jg_hamburg,ddtunit@shell.sf.net create
    Use shell.sourceforge.net (instead of web.sourceforge.net) in you site URL
  • Run
    mvn site:deploy

    Verify that you have a working web site by opening a browser to http://your_project.sf.net
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